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The Clinician’s Toxicology Resource.


About ToxED

The ability to make sound, confident clinical decisions during drug overdose and poisoning emergencies is critical and could mean life or death for a patient. That’s where ToxED is most beneficial. As the clinician’s toxicology resource, ToxED delivers evidence-based clinical information at any point-of-care for the assessment, diagnosis and management of crucial emergencies.


A must for hospitals, ERs and professionals working in the area of toxicology, ToxED provides ready access to a wealth of vital
information and practical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning and drug overdose.


Fundamental toxicology principles for the appropriate treatment of patients. Topics include principles of decontamination, enhanced elimination, laboratory diagnosis and drug screening.

Antidotes & Therapeutic Drugs

A look at therapeutic drugs and antidotes employed in the treatment of poisonings and drug overdose, including pharmacology,
indications, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and recommended dosage.

Plants & Mushrooms
  • Leading experts in plant toxicology and mycology created and reviewed content that underscores the importance
    of properly identifying toxic plants and mushrooms.
  • Features hundreds of full-color pictures to simplify identification.

Environmental, Industrial and Household Products
Comprehensive information on toxic exposure to industrial, environmental and household products.

Disasters and Terrorism

A close look at emergency preparedness for radiation accidents and biological and chemical warfare.

Drug IDentifier
Drug IDentifier tool recognizes tablets and capsules through their markings, shape and/or color. Use Drug IDentifier to quickly
identify pills separated from original packaging or verification of medication taken for the appropriate medical condition


  • Organized page layout for quick point-and-click results
  • Bulleted, consolidated information for quick point-of-care answers
  • Minimal duplication; cross-referenced data
Saves time
  • Concise, easy-to-find answers
  • Quick Drug IDentifier
  • Fast search and access to over 1 million Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Full-color images of plants, mushrooms and poisonous animals
Improved point-of-care decisions
  • “Long answer” format provides detailed, in-depth information, complementing front-line “quick answer” format
  • Authoritative content written by leading toxicology practitioners and clinical pharmacists
  • Instant access to toxicological resources such as CDC, EPA, OSHA, and the National Library of Medicine
Reduce errors
  • Updated regularly to ensure the latest information on the treatment of poisonings and drug overdoses
  • Content peer-reviewed by leading clinical toxicology experts
  • Clinical calculators and laboratory reference information included
Enhance patient care
  • User-friendly format designed specifically for point-of-care
  • Concise information for common toxic exposures
  • Complete solution for assessment, diagnosis and management

The ToxED editorial group develops clinically-based toxicology information content through an independent, objective, peer-reviewed process that mimics the peer-review process used by major scientific publications. In general, editorial content follows the style of other peer-reviewed medical publications such as the American Medical Association Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors. Ninth ed. Baltimore, Md: Williams & Wilkins; 1998. Modifications of this style reflect recognized needs of database production, standardized within our internal policy.
The ToxED editorial team updates content in a “real time” format rather than working against quarterly deadlines, which provides tremendous flexibility and responsiveness when establishing priorities and responding to new information.

ToxED Editorial Board Members
Stephen W. Borron, MD, MS, FACEP, FACMT (Medical Editor-in-Chief, ToxED Board Co-Chair)
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology
Program Director, Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program
Associate Medical Director, West Texas Regional Poison Control Center
Texas Tech University Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
El Paso, TX

Kathleen Vieson, PharmD, BCOP (ToxED Board Co-Chair)
VP, Editor-in-Chief
Elsevier/Gold Standard

Carl R. Baum, MD, FAAP, FACMT
Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency
Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital
Director, Center for Children’s Environmental Toxicology
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, CT

Glenn Patrick Daubert, MD
Associate Medical Director, Sacramento Division,
California Poison Control System
Division of Emergency Medicine
Kaiser Permanente, South Sacramento Medical Center

Michael Ganetsky, MD
Clinical Director, Division of Medical Toxicology
Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center
Instructor in Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Cambridge, MA

Erica L. Liebelt, MD, FACMT
Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine
Director, Medical Toxicology Services
UAB School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL

Tony Prosser, PharmD
Managing Editor, ToxED
Gold Standard/Elsevier

Susan C. Smolinske, PharmD, DABAT, BCPS
Professor, Clinical Educator, Pediatrics
Wayne State University College of Medicine
Managing Director,
Children’s Hospital of Michigan Regional Poison Control Center
Detroit, MI

ToxED Medical Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Michael W. Shannon, MD, MPH
Senior Physician in Medicine
Chief Emeritus, Division of Emergency Medicine Children’s Hospital Boston
Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA

ToxED Content Specialist Reviewers

Marilyn H. Shaw
Mycology Consultant
Denver, CO